Sabine Jean Provides the Highest Quality

Handmade Shea Butter Lotion

With Ingredients Directly Imported from Ghana, Africa

  • RHigh Quality Raw Organic Materials
  • RFree from Toxic Chemical Preservatives
  • RFree Shipping in the United States
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The Sabine Jean Quality Difference

100% Pure Shea Butter

We source our ingredients from Ghana which harvests the purest Shea Butter in the world, free from harmful chemicals used in China.

Essential Oil Blends

Our Shea Butter Lotions contain organic essential oils for added aroma and theraputic benefits for the body and mind.

Handmade Products

Every Sabine Jean Shea Butter product is handmade with love in Los Angeles, CA to ensure quality and freshness.

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Sabine Henderson, Founder of Sabine Jean

The founders of Sabine Jean are Sabine Henderson and  her beloved husband Quinton Henderson. Both founders had a vision to take women and men’s beauty experience to the next level with the use of the highest quality of  organic  products, that enhance the visual appearance of the skin while improving the skin’s health naturally. What makes Sabine Jean unique? We only rely on the use of high quality raw organic materials directly imported  from  Ghana. In a market that is saturated with products that have claims of skin care products boosting organic ingredients and natural materials, we have found those   claims to be false. They are either manufactured with  harmful chemicals or with low quality butters and oils. 


Sabine Jean provides the Highest Quality Raw Organic Shea Butter Products shipped within the United States.   

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