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About Sabine Jean

Sabine Henderson, Founder of Sabine Jean

Welcome to Sabine Jean! We offer handmade, high-end skin care products based out of Los Angeles California. Our company is designed to help you enhance your beauty needs and take it to the next level in a clever and  unique manner. The founders of Sabine Jean are Sabine  Henderson and her beloved husband Quinton Henderson. Both founders had a vision to take women and men’s beauty experience to the next level with the use of the highest quality of organic  products, that  enhance the visual appearance of the skin while improving the skin’s health naturally. 

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What makes Sabine Jean unique?

We only rely on the use of high  quality raw organic materials directly imported from  Ghana. In a market that is saturated with products that have claims of skin care products boosting organic ingredients and natural materials, we have found those claims to be false. They are either manufactured with  harmful chemicals or with low quality butters and oils.  

We believe  that  our  natural  beauty  products  will  bring you   the   highest   quality   while   also   being   efficient   and sophisticated. Our primary  focus  is  to  help  both  men  and  women  feel  elegant while   also   taking   exceptional   care   of   their   skin.   Our knowledgeable team  of  professionals  found  a  unique,  amazing way to bring  the pampering feel of the spa to the comfort of your home.  In  our  store  you  can  find  top  of  the  line  Shea  Butter    and other raw butters that are created using high standard techniques while still retaining the best quality and offering the best results in, skin  care,  that  can  be  found  in  the  market.  We  truly  believe  in offering you the ultimate quality with every product.

In  addition,  we  are  also  educating  our  customers  through  our blog.  We  choose  a  variety  of  skin  and  health  topics  that  provide every  customer  and  reader  with  unique  insights  into  how  to improve their skin and health, while looking amazing, and bring in extraordinary  results  at  a  very  affordable  price.  Each  one  of  our products will help you maintain healthy skin while also preventing other skin issues naturally. Plus, we are bringing the costumer   a high-end, sophisticated appeal while offering tremendous value in an  incredibly  affordable  package.  All  you  have  to  do  is  work closely  with  us,  and  let  us  know  how  our  team  of  professionals can asset you in your ordering needs.

You  rarely  get  anything  like  this  experience  from  other  brands  of skin care lines on the market, so we encourage you to browse our store and make the choice that best fits all your skin care needs. Rest  assured  that  nothing  is  impossible,  and  improving  your beauty as well as taking good care of your skin is something you can  include  in  your  daily  skin  care  routine.  All you  need  is immediate  access  to  the  best  beauty  products,  and  Sabine  Jean is  here  to  assist. 

Browse our store  today  and  enhance  your beauty  naturally  with  our  amazing  Shea  Butter  Lotion,  and  a plethora of other great products coming soon!

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Sabine Jean provides the Highest Quality Raw Organic Shea Butter Products shipped within the United States.   

Customer Support

Have any questions or concerns? We’re always ready to help! Send us an email at info@sabinejean.com 

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