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About Sabine

My journey in the beauty industry was at times difficult but fulfilling.

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Founder of Sabine Jean, Sabine Henderson

As a Haitian born child born in Boston that relocated to Atlanta at a young age, I faced a lot of unfair stereotypes and battled with insecurities. I had to find my own identity in a world of beauty that was not fashioned after the woman with melanated skin at that time. I enjoyed self-care, pampering myself, and helping other people around me look and feel beautiful.

I was asked by my husband at 21 years old, what I wanted to do as a career. I told him I wanted to be a hairstylist. I enjoyed the company of other individuals, working for myself, and anything that made me look pretty! So, I guess you can say cosmetology found me. I enjoy helping people feel comfortable as well as love the skin their in. To me, that’s what’s important.

How Sabine Jean was Birth

After I relocated from Atlanta to Los Angeles, it became more and more difficult for me to find a product that would hydrate my skin without leaving a greasy after feeling.  I developed melasma and sunspots from the hot, but beautiful LA sun, and after the birth of my second daughter, my melasma got worse, what can also be referred to as the pregnancy mask.  Out of shear desperation to find a skincare product that would address the issues I was facing in my skin, I felt compelled to create a skincare line.  Not only for myself, but also for individuals with diverse melanated skin tones like me. 

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That’s where the idea of a skincare line that uses the essence of natural butters and oils, as well as cutting edge science came into play.  As a license Master Cosmetologist, I understand how skincare actives and nature play an important role in our daily skincare regimen. My products deliver hydration while adding a healthy skin glow.  My experience in the beauty industry and how it evolves rapidly, is a constant inspiration for the Sabine Jean brand.

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